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Sequential Numbering

One of the keys to a well run business is control of your costs and assets. The best way to save is not to waste, so knowledge about your assets is fundamental. Audits often waste time while items are chased down and identified.

We have a solution!

Sequentially numbered domed stickers give you a tamper proof identification system allowing you to record information relating to individual items on the accompanying Asset Management Register. Stock takes and audits become quicker and easier.

Printed with a unique number, with or without your company logo, then domed, your information is protected from UV degradation and from tampering by the resin dome. The industrial strength adhesive we have incorporated in our product makes removal of the stickers extremely difficult, giving you added security.

Just peal, stick and record. How simple is that!

Sequential numbering is a means of numbering assets for other reasons besides stock take too.

Key rings can be numbered for banks of lockers or lock boxes. As our process is digital, shapes can be customised to suit your application.

Keep track of things you need numbered with sequentially numbered domed stickers and key rings.

Complete Order History

All details including engraving stored securely for future ease of reference.

Quick phone support

Operators on call 9am to 5pm to quickly assist you with your order or any queries

Complimentary Artwork

Sit back and relax. We'll prepare all artwork with sequential numbering.

Material Sourcing

We source only the best and highest rated materials, all at the best prices.

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